ETEC 543 - Action Research 

Description of The Project 

During planning our group identified a lack of participation in professional development workshops by faculty members.  As a result, we identified two questions that need to be answered: 
1. What factors may affect faculty attendance in face-to-face technology workshops at CSUSB?   
2. Will having synchronous Zoom sessions increase faculty attendance in technology workshops at CSUSB?    
Later we did a literature review to see what were some contributing factors another researcher in higher education had identified for the lack of faculty attendance. We researched other articles to see what solutions they implemented to increase faculty attendance and the techniques they implemented to increase faculty attendance. As a result of the research, we created a workshop and implemented some of the techniques we found in the literature review.  


We use a Mixed methodology data collection method using a seven-question survey with one subquestion and unstructured face to face interviews. We sample 39 faculty members, and we received 17 responses. We had three unstructured interviews in which we asked two questions: 
1. Which method is preferred, online or F2F?  
2. What prevents you from attendee ATI workshops?  
After the data was collected and analyzed we identified some common themes and factors that prevent faculty from attending professional development. 50% of the faculty survey said that the time and date the main factor for the lack of workshop attendance. Other top contributing factors cited for the lack of attendance where 12.5% of faculty cited that they had no time to attend workshops and 12.5% cited the lack of knowledge that we offered workshops.  


During the acting stage of the project and as a result of the findings our team created a workshop that was offered on two different days at two different times and we provided a synchronous Zoom option of attendance to see if attendance will increase.

During the reflection stage of our action research, we identified the main factors for lack of faculty attendance in workshops. By adding the Zoom synchronous session, we were able to increase our faculty attendance, and we also found some limitations. The limitations included that the sample although diverse was too small and consisted of faculty who already work with the department offering the workshops.  We have to improve our marketing efforts and provide advance communication of workshops that are offered. We also discover future opportunities for research. This included the possibility of creating self-paced training and creating more engagement with faculty who join through the Zoom sessions. 


Course reflections: 

Throughout this process of Action Research, I gained a lot of knowledge of the different stages of research.  I  have to say that the section that was the most challenging yet the most rewarding and reveling was the acting stage especially the analysis section. Knowing how to properly create and apply the action research process will be an invaluable experience that i can implement to improve my current job.  

Sample Work

Increase Professional Development Attendance in Higher Education 



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